Blank Pages

Writer’s block always rears its ugly head when I am faced with blank pages and yet I am strangely drawn to them. I love blank pages to the point of obsession. The idea of exciting adventures appearing on those pages starring yours truly as the brave and adventurous heroine of my own story compels me to buy book after book. And they’re all blank.

Enter Zax my super brave and heroically adventurous alter ego. We have planned a road trip to end all road trip, a top to bottom, side to side country exploration. If someone has taken the time to create the world’s largest ball of yarn or aluminum foil I want to see it. Something of great historical importance happened on the spot? I am so there. And if a bit of land has been set aside as particularly beautiful, or strange, or whatever, guess what I’ll be stopping by.

So you may be wondering how one finds the time for such things...

Why I quit my job of course!

Really, in a recession, with no plans as to where I am heading or where I will eventually end up! Let the adventures into the unknown begin!